The Quests of Triloga
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The god Sakka, πŸ‘‘ the King of Kings, blessed the Trilogain who conquered the Sky Ruin Arena with legendary NFT!

May the winners will be you! From the raffle method.πŸ’°πŸ’°

⏰ Event Time:
Until October 7th, 2022 (23.59 GMT+7),2022

Event Rule:
For who purchased weapon & equipment NFT from Benja collection will get a raffle chance to win treasure prize.

⭐️ How to get the raffle tickets?
Step 1. Each of sword or shield get 5 tickets
Step 2. Set of sword and shield get 15 tickets
Step 3. Each of Baby Sagoon Hayra or Scalet Karinpik get 30 tickets
Step 4. Sword or Shield + Sagoon Hayra or Scalet Karinpik get 50 tickets
Step 5. Set Feather of gust or Set Karinsect get 100 tickets

  • *The Maximum raffle ticket per set is 100 tickets
  • **Only who purchased the NFT from the Sandbox marketplace, this is excluded who received the NFT from transfer method.

🎁The prize:
A big prize! legendary equipment from Hiran set
1. Gauntlet of Hiran, the highest power [CATALYST & GEMS : 94 Power]
2. Sword of Hiran, the incredible power [CATALYST & GEMS : 89 Power]

And a NFT special prize!
Weapons of Verdeva 7 prizes
1. Sword of Verdeva
2. Great Sword of Verdeva
3. Axe of Verdeva
4. Lance of Verdeva
5. Hammer of Verdeva
6. Gaunlet of Verdeva
7. Shield of Verdeva

And a NFT Giveaway!
1. Chicken Knight x 5 prizes
2. Kankai Backpack x 5 prizes
3. Kankai Balloon x 5 prizes
4. Light of Tribe Helmet x 5 prizes

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πŸ”” Condition to get the prizes :
1. Raffle the winners who participate in the event with the correct condition. (The QOT team does not have the right to participate in this activity.)
2. The winner can get the prize only 1 time per event.
3. The winners who get the prizes as NFT or SAND, required an account that already has the Wallet with The Sandbox.
4. The prizes cannot be exchanged for other prizes and cannot be transferred to other users (based on The Sandbox ID and Wallet Address registered to participate in the event).
5. The winners must verify the KYC before received the prizes.
6. Our admin or staff team will not DM first.
7. The team reserves the right to amend the rules and prizes as appropriate.

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The Quests of Triloga

Action-RPG adventure game in the metaverse and the ecosystem of NFTs with various utilities.