Krathong VoxEdit Contest

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Krathong VoxEdit Contest

Loy Krathong Festival #VoxEdit Contest

When the 11th month comes, which is the rainy season. So this area fulls of flooding water in many places. Every year, Khonthan would have the ceremony “Loy Krathong” which have the celebration and joyful activities. Lanterns have been decorated all around. The Sakka statue is worshiped at various points. They float a sky lantern in the belief of the Khonthan tribe to show the worship of Sakka. They tend to go to higher places because Khonthan believed that the higher it is, the more Sakka sees their lantern and will give them a blessing. On the other hand, the Sky Arena has a Sakka worship ritual. There was a dance to bless, a ritual full of various auspicious items and fireworks were lit to celebrate. Khonthan believes that praying to all the 7 Sakka statues will bring a good fortune and prosperous trading all year.

Naga has culture and rituals related to water. In the tradition, Krathong made of natural materials Lanterns are floating on water. Naga believes that they respect to the goddess of water, Khongkha. There is a Krathong contest that is opening for participants for everybody to entry the contest even you are not Naga.

Konthan has adopted the Loy Krathong tradition.

⚔ To enter the contest
1. Create your own Krathong (a floating basket in the Loi Krathong tradition) in Voxedit.
2. Assets should not exceed a max of 175 nodes.
3. Assets should not exceed more than 5000 faces.
4. The maximum size of an asset is 64 voxels tall (2 meters). Floor print should not exceed 64 x 64 x 64.

2,500 SAND will be split amongst the top entries the following ways:

1st place: 200 SAND + Kimbura — Wind of the East;
2nd place: 150 SAND + Joobjoob;
3rd place: 100 SAND + Jobjab;
4th to 10th place: each receives 35 SAND + NFT new collection giveaway event.
The participant who come first to submit the contest will get a new giveaway collection (limit 100 pieces)

The first through tenth place winners will have their Krathong entered into the QOT Social Hub, Loy Krathong Event, and promote award-winning creators.

📍Important Dates
- Krathong VoxEdit Contest begins on October 10th, 2022.
- The deadline to complete and submit your entry is the October 19th, 2022, 11.59 P.M. (GMT+7)
- Submissions gathering and voting will take place from October 20–28th,2022
- The results will be announced on the November 1st, 2022.

📝How To Submit Your Entry
- Create a GIF of your fully animated asset. (We recommend using Gyazo).
- Tweet your asset’s GIF mentioning @questsoftriloga, @TheSandboxGame on Twitter. Make sure to include #QOTloykrathong hashtags in your Tweet.
To finalize your submission, please fill out the following Google Form:

❗Important Entry Guidelines
- Stunning and Beautiful
- The size of the Krathong meets the criteria established.
- In creativity and design

🔔 Condition to get the prizes :
1. Raffle the winners who participate in the event with the correct condition. (The QOT team does not have the right to participate in this activity.)
2. The winner can get the prize only 1 time per event.
3. The winners who get the prizes as NFT or SAND, required an account that already has the Wallet with The Sandbox.
4. The prizes cannot be exchanged for other prizes and cannot be transferred to other users (based on The Sandbox ID and Wallet Address registered to participate in the event).
5. The winners must verify the KYC before received the prizes.
6. Our admin or staff team will not DM first.
7. The team reserves the right to amend the rules and prizes as appropriate.



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